2016-17  YEAR 3


THOMAS CHU 2016-17  YEAR 3

House For a Conductor

Project 1 attempts to recreate the moment and atmosphere on the night of 16th of November 1848 in Guildhall, London, when Chopin played his last public performance. By comparing historic paintings of Guildhall, I was able to remap partially of Guildhall in 1848. An armature device is designed to manipulate the light environment to turning Guildhall once again into the night of 16th of November 1848.

Building Project explores the manipulation of sound and light through an architecture of thin, layered translucent screens made using the baroque technique of scagliola. Enveloping a central auditorium, these form a sequence of structurally independent layers creating acoustic and atmospheric buffers between the city of Budapest and the different inhabitants and functions within the house.

Tutors: Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce