2015-16 YEAR 2



orsman night render for show

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Caravaggio Dreams of Sushi

When Caravaggio dreams of sushi, a restaurant emerges; etched-out from the darkness ofthe void, an architecture in honour of the art of sushi.Cantilevered fins thrust out over Regent’s canal, on the edge of which the restaurant is nested; whilst a bespoke steel exoskeleton acts as an exuberant invitation, supporting the concealed world of chiaroscuro within. A careful mastery of light plays out, as darkness permeates the building and shadows lurk round every corner. As one wanders the restaurant guided only by faint slivers of light; diners are framed gently against the blackness; like the subjects of the old master’s work, emerging proud from the void. High above diners’ heads, the silhouettes of suspended ceiling panels dominate over the space; allowing only the slightest hint of daylight to gently trickle undisturbed around the edge. As one feasts, warm light leaking from a concealed central kitchen illuminates one’s meal, whilst the careful sushi preparation is revealed only through the faint play of shadows from the hidden space beyond. A pilgrimage, a spiritual experience, a cathedral to sushi.

Tutors: Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce

view from canal cata

submerged dining for show

Floor 0 plan for cata

dining hall cata

Copy of bar area for cata