2015-16 YEAR 3

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MINH TRAN 2015-16  YEAR 3

Winter Palace Extended version

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Gerontosonic Grand Palace

The theme of this year’s odyssey dances around the acoustic elements of architecture. The interplay between analogue and digital techniques were triumphed in an attempt to unlock the mysterious connection between memory and sound. Manipulation, modulation, perforation were the acquired tools as the journey progressed…
A prosthetic construction is tailored accurately to the size of the author’s body and is engineered to recreate the soundscape of different locations around London. It integrates different materials, perforations and joinery techniques and uses digital scripting to re-cord and re-play the sounds of lost memories. The Gerontosonic Grand Palace proposes to provide social spaces for the aging population of Hoxton and explores the loss and amplification of hearing as an architectural challenge. The community centre follows the theme of palaces, thus treating the elderly visitors with a dignifying experience. The seasonal calendar divides the program into winter palace and summer palace respectively. This gives birth to different activities.
The scheme explores the acoustic elements of the architecture. The building is brought alive by the sound generated by the visiting inhabitant of the building as well as the force of nature. The design principles follows the social sphere of a conversation. As the radius increases, the conversation tone shifts. The expansions of the sphere leads to the introduction of various activities within the building along with the creation of sound panel devices to manipulate the acoustic space.

Tutors: Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce

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Summer Palace Extended Version

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