2019-20 YEAR 2



Wolf Point Theatre

A tripartite theatre shared by the local communities of three predominantly segregated ethnicities in inner city Chicago; black, hispanic and white. Constructed as a place of cultural exchange, the building hosts shared front of house spaces and three auditoria designed to accommodate radically different plays. The typically formal architectural boundaries of theatre are stripped back to create an open environment for inter-cultural storytelling.

The changing datums which the site and wider city has experienced over time, from glacial shifts to the pioneering lifting of the city block-by-block, is revealed to the audience and visitors of the theatre through the interrogation of the intersections between front of house and back of house spaces, views and material shifts. The unconventional intersectional relationships between the auditorium and wider building encourage the audience to reflect upon their own status within the city; between actors and performances, and the broader community which exists in Chicago.

Tutors: Greg Storrar, Farlie Reynolds