2017-18 YEAR 3


DAN JOHNSTON  2017-18   YEAR 3

House of Heads

The project start with the forensic reconstruction of the splash: the death scene of Holden in the film Sunset Boulevard. The methodology through this project was to re-create, reconstruct and fabricate the splash. To take it apart through forensic analysis
via an iterative process that dissected everything from the actors’ psychological thoughts, to the
precise recording of the physical splash.

This forensic methodology is further explored within the building project, which proposes a facial reconstruction and prosthetic fittings centre in Downtown LA that borrows its methodology of building from facial depth markers. The programme explores differing
solutions to circumstantial evidence, through exhibiting current and past reconstructions to the witness. The building explores the complexities of the witness’ choreography in the forensic lab environment.

Tutors: Thomas Pearce, Greg Storrar.