2019-20 YEAR 2


TIA DUONG 2019-20 YEAR 2


The Cast School of Culinary Craft

A plant-based culinary school in the heart of Chicago’s former meat-packing district champions new sustainable means of food cultivation and preparation. Addressing the history of the site and the contention of the programme, the architecture comprises tailored casts derived from the clothing donned by the meat packers and the geometry of cuts of meat.

Over the years, food in the US has become increasingly processed. With the obese population increasing by almost 300% in the past 50 years, the issue has become a core component of contemporary US culture.

Located in downtown Chicago, the culinary school presents new, healthy ways of crafting food through its architecture. The school accommodates a public restaurant and tasting area as well as spaces for food production, demonstration and learning. The design methodology was driven by aspects of tailoring inspired by historic imagery of the historic meat-making district.

Tutors: Greg Storrar, Farlie Reynolds