2018-19 YEAR 2



Baby Fever: A City Oasis

A sacred realm for the Finnish child, born within a carved spatial landscape, inherently warped in scale; its inhabitants can be giants. Through a visual language of mass and void, seen and hidden, we are reminded through the borrowed qualities of the Finnish countryside that we are physical and sensory beings with a primal need to surround ourselves with surfaces and atmospheres that thrill our fingertips and possess our mind.
Currently, Finland is facing a population crisis with birth-rates predicted to fall dramatically. Inherently eccentric and world-leading in alternative approaches, the Finnish government commissioned this building as a city child oasis bringing together their renowned pre-birth Baby-Box in a collection experience with the post-birth Finnish daycare. It aims to enhance and encourage through a unique layout and circulation, the visual connections in this enchanting-world; creating an interactive environment celebrating and sharing the joys of family life.
Located on a trendy high-street, in a highly populated area, there was an apparent lack of childcare and support for the problems faced by children in city-life. Providing a facility that deals with these issues through Finland’s core educational and cultural beliefs, is especially inspired by the importance of outdoor play and sleep.

Tutors: Thomas Pearce, Greg Storrar