2018-19 YEAR 2



Following the Swan of Tuonela

A shipwreck as a hypothesis. In the poem, ‘Un coup de dés (jamais n’abolira le hazard)’: A throw of the dice (will never abolish chance) by Stéphane Mallarmé, the space of the double spread becomes sacred in how it is occupied. The events taking place within the poem become irrelevant, as the poem becomes merely a metaphor exploring the notion of simultaneity in space and time. The site of the double spread and the studio are submerged in this installation recreating the shipwreck through three paralleled realities: the digital, physical and manufactured.
The drunken genius Jean Sibelius was initially inspired by Wagner in writing of the symphony Veneen luominen (The Building of the Boat). Sibelius abandoned the symphony, following his urge to compose unconventional music, exploring new dimensions in musical time. The residency and research facility designed through analytical drawings of the unfinished symphony begins to celebrate the entropy of architecture. The building becomes a symbol, the architecture dissolves into series of calculated and unexpected moments that respond to the vast spectrum of light conditions experienced in Helsinki. The spatial change one experiences walking through the spaces reciprocate the trance-like nature of the symphony, spaces are anticipated prior to their experience by the suspense of the architecture.

Tutors: Thomas Pearce, Greg Storrar