2014-15 YEAR 2

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Multi-generational house

Perspective Section 1:50

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The project considers the NASA rocket launches as a propagation point for memory, and explores how architecture of the home acts as a parallel generator of shared stories and domestic nostalgia.

A multi-generational house is perched at the mouth of Port Canaveral. The house responds to the neighbouring pier, but also turns inward, promoting the intergenerational relationship between grandparents and children. The architecture is drawn from specific nostalgic moments, created to mark the passage of the occupants through the house as they age. The house is appropriated with each generation; prefabricated dining tables removed to leave scars and traces of occupation. A patchwork of family history accrues in the home.

Tutors: Rhys Cannon, Colin Herperger

Plans 1:100Strip Plan 1:50Perspective 2P1 Final Drawing