2013-14 YEAR 2

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RIKARD KHAN  2013-14  YEAR 2

Fitness Rowing Club

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Linear drawing describing the route taken by a member of the rowing club – the building responds to studies of navigating the city of Venice with the experiences of expanding and compressing spaces. It also responds to Venice’s sensitive relationship of land and water with the fluctuating tide, the experiences of these two networks individually and how they can overlap and interweave. The scheme responds sensitively to the changing water levels of Venice. The strategy for the building is to have a series of floating elements within larger tempered spaces, which submerge and fragment with the rising tide. The floating elements are more refined, controlled spaces, and make reference to Venetian boatbuilding tradition. The relationship between the two building elements adapt at different tides, creating reconfiguring routes within the building.

Tutors: Rhys Cannon, Colin Herperger

Model 1:100Ground floor plan 1:100