2013-14 YEAR 3

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Sound Park and Touring Musicians Residence

Shadow test

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The Venetian tide changes four times a day shifting the horizon and altering the way you experience the city from the water and the flooding ground, Il Parco del Suono seeks to heighten this experience.  Undulating tidal shifts dictate subtle differences between the architecture of the landscape and water levels affecting sound pockets and the merging of sound that interact with it.  Making each tidal shift a different park experience for visitors and residents.  The sound map illustrates the uniqueness of each experience by mapping several qualities of sound that would span the park scape at one time; frequency ranges, sound sources, lapping water and clunking gondolas, all translating tidal shift into a true Venetian performance.

Tutors: Rhys Cannon, Colin Herperger

Conceptual model testSound map